Women journalists endure vicious online assaults

More than their male colleagues, women journalists are suffering from online harassment including rape and death threats. They say they routinely receive messages with sexist slurs and comments on their appearances. These attacks have a cumulative effect on the journalists resulting in real trauma. (The Hill, March 24, 2021, by Alex Gangitano and Julia Manchester)

Newsroom editors are faced with the difficulty of defending their female journalists especially those covering politics and technology. The New York Times recently issued a defense of reporter, Taylor Lorenz, maligned by Fox’s Tucker Carlson for describing the online harassment she’s experience over the last year. But some say the news media has been slow to respond either from the belief that it is better to ignore harassment or from an inability to act on social media in a timely manner. (Vanity Fair, March 26, 2021, by Charlotte Klein)

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