U.S. Attorney General criticizes protest of police abuses

Attorney General William Barr suggested that communities not respecting authority by protesting police actions could lose the protection of law enforcement. Barr has long criticized district attorneys in cities like Philadelphia in St. Louis for holding police to account. He has also said there should be “zero tolerance for resisting police.” (The Washington Post, December 4, 2019, by Tim Elfrink)

Barr failed to note that many of the protests were sparked by police shootings of unarmed citizens. Statistics show that black men are far more likely to be killed in police shootings than white men. And a Justice Department investigation showed a pattern of discrimination against African Americans in police practices in major U.S. cities. University of Michigan law professor Barbara McQuade notes we should honor the sacrifices and services of law enforcement, “but misconduct should be called out and addressed. Blind devotion is not a requirement for receiving police service.” (Vox, December 4, 2019, by Sean Collins)

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