Reporter regains White House press pass

A federal district judge ruled that the White House could not suspend the press credentials of Playboy reporter Brian Karem. The judge said that the need for order did not surmount Karem’s First Amendment rights. Karem had engaged in a shouting match with a Trump aide in the Rose Garden. (USA TODAY, September 4, 2-19, by Jeanine Santucci)

Karem argued that the his due process rights were violated in the incident, that he was allowed to appeal his suspension, but the process was a sham. “It’s a kangaroo court,” Karem said in August. “It’s the exact opposite of due process. ‘You’re guilty, want to come in here and tell us why you’re not?’ No, that’s not due process. That’s the exact opposite of due process.'” (CNN, September 3, 2019, by Oliver Darcy and Katelyn Polantz)

Judge Rudolph Contreras said he based his decision on due process grounds, finding that the White House procedures were constitutionally inadequate. (Constitutional Law Prof Blog, September 4, 2019, by Ruthann Robson)

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