Trump sidesteps press conferences to dominate news cycles with incendiary tweets

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress, the Iran crisis and continued controversy over the treatment of immigrants and President Donald Trump’s racist attacks on members of Congress, Stephanie Grisham, the new administration spokesperson, has done little speaking, not even appearing  on Fox News. She appears content to let Trump rule the news cycle. (Politico, July 23, 2019, by Nancy Cook)

Most of the Democratic presidential candidates spoke on the record in support of daily White House briefings. There hasn’t been an on-camera briefing since March 1. The press is hopeful that once Grisham settles into office, she will restore the briefings. (Politico, July 17, 2019, by Michael Calderone)

CNN’s Julian Zeilzer, July 21, 2019,  writes that reporters are still unable to keep Trump from dominating with provocative political messages that strengthen his standing with the core and give him an electoral college advantage. Counter attacks in the press only cement  Trump’s message in people’s minds.

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