Free speech clashes with right to know in NRA lawsuit against Los Angeles

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is contesting a Los Angeles law requiring companies contracting with the city to reveal any ties to the NRA. The lawsuit includes a John Doe with a city contract fearful of losing it.  The city council claims citizens should know if their taxes are going to companies with ties to the NRA since the NRA blocks sensible gun safety reform. (Los Angeles Times, April 24, 2019, by Dakota Smith)

The NRA claims the new law prevents members from exercising their First Amendment rights in forcing them to disclose their association with the NRA. “Government-compelled speech is presumptively unconstitutional,” they argue, “when it burdens speech by demanding that speakers disclose that which they might be reluctant to disclose, thus deterring them from engaging in speech.” (Courthouse News Service, April 24, 2019, by Martin Macias Jr.)