Transparency: Battle underway for details of Trump meetings with Putin

With reports that President Donald Trump confiscated translator’s notes of his 2017 meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Democrats are looking for a way to shed light on the meeting even suggesting they could subpoena the interpreter. In 1978 Congress passed the Presidential Records Act making presidential records public. It is now up to Congress and perhaps the Supreme Court to make sure Trump abides by the law. (Public Radio International, January 14, 2019, by The World staff with contributions from Reuters)

The Washington Post reported that there are no records of any of Trump’s five meetings with Putin. It’s reported also that Trump confiscated the translator’s notes and would not allow his staff to discuss the meetings with other officials in the administration. The Post said that other presidents had made similar moves to keep meetings secret. (NPG of Idaho, Janduary 14, 2019, CNN’s Lauren Fox contributed to this report)