Free speech gaining on U.S. college campuses

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s annual survey of free speech on the nation’s campuses showed gains with 37 percent earning the highest rating as opposed to only eight percent in 2008. But one in 10 schools still maintained free speech zones. Thirty-two percent of schools surveyed still have severe speech codes down from 39 percent in 2016. (FIRE, December 2017)

The Justice Department is supporting students challenging free speech zones on their campuses, but the zones are widespread despite their unconstitutionality. (The Washington Free Beacon, December 20, 2017, by Rachel Frommer)

Free speech is gaining on campuses nationwide with California in front. Only 14 percent of California schools in the survey had restrictive speech codes compared to the national 32 percent. (The Press-Enterprise, December 19, 2017, by Roixana Kopetman)