Biotech firm argues for restricted definition of whistleblower

In asking a federal judge to dismiss a former employee’s lawsuit, a biotech firm claims that the employee does not qualify for whistleblower protection since he reported misconduct to his superiors and auditors rather than to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as required, the firm says, under the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts. (Courthouse News Service, September 8, 2015, by Nichols Iovino)

The SEC filed an amicus brief in August backing the former Bio-Rad Technlogies  employee by arguing that it was not necessary to go directly to the government to qualify for protection. Sanford Wadler had complained he was fired for reporting his contention that the company was violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in bribing foreign governments. (The Recorder, August 7, 2015, by Jason Doiy)