Opinion: Indiscriminate web filters damage free inquiry

Web filtering in which key words can trigger a cutoff of sites hurts education by uncritically banning students from vital Internet sources, writes Ken Paulson in a commentary for the First Amendment Center.

Paulson says that names of terrorist groups or words such as breasts or buttocks can trigger censorship and the First Amendment Center site has been blocked by some schools.  Paulson finds this lamentable, “There’s nothing sexy about the First Amendment Center’s website. Our goal is to publish a daily report that can be used in any classroom in America. We strive to be nonpartisan, apolitical and as tasteful as possible. We know that if parents and educators know that we’re a safe and trusted destination, their children and students are more likely to turn to us for research and term papers on the First Amendment.” -db

From a commentary for the First Amendment Center, October 4, 2011,by Ken Paulson.

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