Transparency advocates react to Lessig’s “Against Transparency” article in New Republic

So far transparency advocates are saying that Lawrence Lessig’s article “Against Transparency: The perils of openness in government,” does not signal he is against accountability and openness in government. -DB

The FOIA Advocate
Missouri School of Journalism
October 17, 2009
By Charles N. Davis

Responses keep coming to Lessig’s New Republic article, “Against Transparency: The perils of openness in government.”

Carl Malamud urges caution and a measured response to the title of Lessig’s article. Malamud argues Lessig isn’t against transparency per se, but against transparency “with no broader and deeper aims, [which] will no automatically produce good results, and may indeed produce randomness in our government or far worse.”

Other commentators agree that the title to Lessig’s article misses the mark, arguing that Lessig is truly against accountability and “that the subject of his concern is not openness in government; it is openness in politics.”

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