FAC Update

New ED

Here at FAC we have been busy conducting a search for a new Executive Director. We received over fifty applications, the vast majority from highly qualified candidates in the areas of law,  journalism, public policy, business and nonprofit organizations. A committee of FAC’s Board, led by Board President Carol Melamed, has conducted dozens of interviews, both by phone and in person, to narrow down the field of applicants to just a handful, who will be interviewed by the full Board of Directors.

As a (nonvoting) participant in this vetting process, I can tell you that the caliber of the leading candidates, the finalists, is very high indeed. Whoever is selected from this group will be a strong leader for FAC. James Madison would be pleased. FAC members will be pleased. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Member Drive

And speaking of FAC members, you may have noticed that we are in the midst of a new member drive. For a limited time, membership for individuals (as distinct from businesses and other organizations) is free. Over 225 people have taken advantage of this offer in the last week. To sign up, just go to the “Join” page on FAC’s website.


Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press have no greater friend than the Reva & David Logan Foundation (and in particular, in FAC’s case, Jonathan Logan). The Logan Foundation has once again committed a $100,000 matching grant to FAC. We have met this ambitious match twice before, and we will meet it again.

But we need your help. FAC still has to raise about $50,000 to meet the Logan challenge. We have only only two months to go to reach this goal in 2016. Please make a secure, online contribution today.