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French president’s proposal threatens Internet freedom

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is proposing that anyone regularly visiting websites supporting terrorism or advocating hate or violence will be arrested. First Amendment Center President Ken Paulson notes that allowing despicable viewpoints is basic to American democracy and that the proposed French law on hate websites would not survive in U.S. federal courts. -db From […]

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PBS’s MediaShift lists eleven top stories in media law for 2011

MediaShift’s top media law stories for 2011 include journalists’ coverage of Occupy movements; the proposed online piracy legislation; net neutrality; coverage of live police actions; Righthaven and the “hot news” doctrine. -db From a commentary in MediaShift, December 23, 2011, by Rob Arcamona, Jeff Hermes and Andy Sellars. Full story

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Go Daddy removes name from SOPA support list

Domain-name host Go-Daddy has withdrawn its name from the judiciary’s list of SOPA supporters two days shy of the Move-Your-Domain-from-Go-Daddy protest scheduled for Dec. 29 inspired by pan avalanche of comments to a post on Reddit. Read all about Go Daddy’s reaction and much, much more web and political reaction to SOPA on Techdirt.  

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Opinion: Scholars say online piracy bills violate U.S. Constitution

Leading Constitutional scholars say the online piracy legislation currently before Congress throttles constitutional rights, writes Corynne McSherry for the Electronic Freedom Foundation. She says the revised legislation only gives lip service to the First Amendment and denies due process and free speech in ways described by the scholars. -db From a commentary for the Electronic […]

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Opinion: EFF refutes arguments for online piracy legislation

The Electronic Freedom Foundation takes on what it says are distortions of the positions taken by those opposing the online piracy legislation recently introduced in both houses of Congress. While acknowledging that the tech industry recognizes the importance of copyright as it applies to the Internet, writes Trevor Timm for EFF, the Digital Millennium Copyright […]

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