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PBS’s MediaShift lists eleven top stories in media law for 2011

MediaShift’s top media law stories for 2011 include journalists’ coverage of Occupy movements; the proposed online piracy legislation; net neutrality; coverage of live police actions; Righthaven and the “hot news” doctrine. -db From a commentary in MediaShift, December 23, 2011, by Rob Arcamona, Jeff Hermes and Andy Sellars. Full story

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Chicago doctors bring defamation suit against Google after negative online review

Two Chicago doctors are suing Google for a review complaining of “facial lumps” after plastic surgery. The doctors want $50 million for damage to their reputation. The review most likely appeared on Google Place, a site allowing users to rate local businesses and post comments. -db From paidContent, November 4, 2011, by Jeff Roberts. Full […]

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Internet freedom reaffirmed in recent Chicago case

While the Blockowicz parents suffered greatly from scurrilous posts about their daughter, First Amendment Center’s Douglas Lee says their attempt to force a website to remove the posts was rightly denied in federal court thus making the internet “an even freer environment for speech.” -db First Amendment Center Commentary January 27, 2011 By Douglas Lee […]

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Net Neutrality primer draws a picture of pay-per-click future

When Verizon offered an Android-platform phone that only allowed the Bing search engine, locking out Google and all others, web designer Michael Ciarlo became an activist for Net Neutrality. His simple primer at TheOpenInter.Net should help to bring the geeky subject into focus for the rest of us. from Why I Created TheOpenInter.net By Michael […]

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Senator: Internet gatekeepers biggest threat to free speech [VIDEO]

Comedian-turned-senator Al Franken (D-MN) has ditched the potty jokes and Stuart Smalley routine since taking office, turning himself into a surprisingly articulate and strident voice in favor of net neutrality and against the Comcast/NBC merger. Arts Technica July 28, 2010 By Nate Anderson Back in February, when a Senate hearing offered him the chance to […]

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Free internet depends on establishing ‘net neutrality’

While the European Union is rejecting the principles of an open internet, the United States with leadership from the Obama administration favors “net neutrality”, policies the provides equal access to the internet without any restrictions on accessing content.No company or government would be allowed to restrict use except to safeguard security and to fix temporary technical glitches.-DB MediaShift Commentary […]

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