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A judge’s ‘blow against government secrecy’

The “national security letters” issued by the FBI seeking private information about individuals’ bank accounts, communications and other activities are unconstitutional because they ban recipients from even acknowledging they exist. U.S. District Judge Susan Illston of San Francisco ruled that the FBI must cease issuing the gag orders, but put the decision on hold in […]

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California appeals court upholds juvenile judge in barring juvenile from gang activities

A California minor lost a round in court in his attempts to challenge a juvenile court judge’s ruling that prohibited him from associating with gang members or possessing gang clothing, tattoos or insignia. The restrictions were imposed as a condition 0f probation and challenged by the juvenile as vague since he argued that “gang” and […]

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Free speech: Federal appeals court rules man can pursue suit over firing from government job

A former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo fired from his job at the Library of Congress for criticizing the Obama administration in op-ed pieces in major newspapers can pursue his case against the library to get his job back according to a ruling by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  -db From a commentary for the […]

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