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PBS’s MediaShift lists eleven top stories in media law for 2011

MediaShift’s top media law stories for 2011 include journalists’ coverage of Occupy movements; the proposed online piracy legislation; net neutrality; coverage of live police actions; Righthaven and the “hot news” doctrine. -db From a commentary in MediaShift, December 23, 2011, by Rob Arcamona, Jeff Hermes and Andy Sellars. Full story

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Appeals court questions federal arguments in ‘fleeting expletive’ case

In a case pitting Fox television against the Federal Communication Commission, federal appeals judges peppered government lawyers with questions about the constitutionality of FCC rules aimed at indecency. -DB Variety January 13, 2010 By Ted Johnson The broadcast networks opened the latest chapter in their long-fought challenge to the FCC’s indecency enforcement on Wednesday, with […]

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