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CIA reports influence of Chinese bloggers on government policy

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency  said Chinese bloggers influenced government policy, citing a December incident in which bloggers expressed outrage at the enslavement of mentally retarded men to work at a building materials plant in Sichuan province. -db Secrecy News January 19, 2011 By Steven Aftergood Chinese bloggers “expressed rage and despondence after learning about […]

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Opinion: Time for bloggers to gain protections afforded traditional media

With more of the public gaining their news from online sources rather than print media and using the social media to become more interactive and participatory in accessing the news, a CMLP blogger argues that bloggers should be entitled to the same protection as mainstream press. -db Citizen Media Law Project Commentary March 1, 2010 […]

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Law student chides TSA for violating blogger’s rights

A Citizen Media Law Project blogger says the recent attempt of the Transportation Security Administration to serve citizen bloggers with subpoenas after the bloggers published new airport security directives shows that the agency needs judicial checks and its power to subpoena stripped. -DB Citizen Media Law Project January 4, 2010 By Andrew Moshirnia In recent […]

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Women’s group sues Google for bloggers’ defamation

The National Association of Professional Women is suing Google and three other Web sites for publishing bloggers’ statements that say the organization is a scam. -DB Courthouse News Service December 31, 2009 By Barbara Leonard MINEOLA, N.Y. – The National Association of Professional Women claims Google and three other Web sites defamed it by allowing […]

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Federal shield law moving forward in Senate after compromise forged with White House

The federal journalist shield law cleared a major hurdle when the Obama administration cut a deal with the Senate to include freelancers and online journalists. The bill also includes a public-interest balance test so that a judge could weigh the public interest in secrecy against the public interest in disclosure. -DB Reporters Committee for Freedom […]

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