Special Projects

Covid-19 Transparency and Oversight

Open-Government Advocacy ACCESS TO COURTS: FEDERAL U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts After monitoring varying remote access procedures in federal courts, the First Amendment Coalition on April 2 urged the U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts to ensure the press and public had adequate access to public proceedings and records. On March 31, a notice published by the office indicated some uncertainty about whether the public and press would have access to criminal proceedings held by teleconference or

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The Bryan Carmody Story | In Depth

THE BRYAN CARMODY STORY | IN-DEPTH On May 10, San Francisco police showed up at the home of freelance journalist Bryan Carmody, equipped with a sledgehammer and pickax they used to try to batter down his front gate. Guns drawn, officers placed Carmody in handcuffs for hours while they raided his home and office, seizing a trove of electronic devices and other materials. The raid, part of an investigation into the leak of a police

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