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Prop. 59 opening government doors

(San Jose Mercury-News 11/30/04) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has promised something that Gray Davis and previous governors resisted. He agreed to show the public who he’s meeting with and why.
More than a goodwill gesture, the governor is complying with the overwhelming wishes of voters who just passed Proposition 59, which broadened the public’s right to know.

Immediately after passage, the California First Amendment Coalition requested the release of Schwarzenegger’s daily calendar. His office responded quickly, saying it would release calendars dating back to when the governor first took office but that it would take time to edit details related to Schwarzenegger’s personal security, as well as personnel and attorney-client information.

Proposition 59 has already begun to pry open government’s doors a bit wider — on all levels.

San Jose’s mayor and a majority of the council told us in May they believed in releasing calendars.

If letting the sun shine on government business is good for Sacramento, who will be the first in San Jose to follow suit?