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California Public Records Act FAQ

Resources Access to Records Frequently Asked Questions About the California Public Records Act Download the FAQ Menu | Access to Records Q: Do I have to submit a Public Records Act request in writing? A: No, but we recommend it. It helps to create a record of your request. Q: Who can make a Public Records Act request? A: Anyone can. This includes individuals, organizations and companies. There is no residency requirement, meaning anyone regardless

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A&A: How Can I Access Records From The California Department of Corrections Regarding High-Profile Offenders?

Q:  I need to obtain information from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) regarding several high-profile offenders, some of whom are deceased, for a project I am doing on several high-profile murder cases. All of the offenders are or were on Death Row at one point in time and several are deceased. What information can I obtain? A: The records you’re looking for from CDCR are likely available through the use of the California

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A&A: Should I be able to get meta data of emails and calendars under the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance or Public Records Act?

 Q: I have anonymously requested from various San Francisco agencies, under the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance and California Public Records Act, full email and calendar records, specifically in the original electronic format the city agencies hold them. While some agencies do indeed produce their emails/calendar entries in the native electronic formats like .msg, .eml, .ics, etc. which preserve all the headers, attachments, and metadata, more often, agencies “print” the records to PDF format. This causes

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