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California Public Records Act FAQ

Resources Access to Records Frequently Asked Questions About the California Public Records Act Download the FAQ Menu | Access to Records Q: Do I have to submit a Public Records Act request in writing? A: No, but we recommend it. It helps to create a record of your request. Q: Who can make a Public Records Act request? A: Anyone can. This includes individuals, organizations and companies. There is no residency requirement, meaning anyone regardless

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A&A: How Can I Access Records From The California Department of Corrections Regarding High-Profile Offenders?

Q:  I need to obtain information from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) regarding several high-profile offenders, some of whom are deceased, for a project I am doing on several high-profile murder cases. All of the offenders are or were on Death Row at one point in time and several are deceased. What information can I obtain? A: The records you’re looking for from CDCR are likely available through the use of the California

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