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Golden Gate Bridge suicide records

Golden Gate Bridge suicide records Q: I recently made a request to the Golden Gate Bridge and Transportation District for copies of all incident reports from 2006 regarding suicides at the Golden Gate Bridge, attempted suicides, and interrupted suicides.  I had made a similar request for the records from 2004 a few years ago and was provided with the documents I requested. This time, however, the District responded that they had changed their policy and

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Accessing information on claims against school district

Accessing information on claims against school districts Q: Are claims filed against a school district public records and if so can a district redact names of minors or other information mentioned in such claims for any reason? A: The issue of access to Tort Claims Act claim forms has come up in several cases.  It is by now clear that claim forms are not exempt from disclosure under the pending litigation exemption (Gov. Code section

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Emails as public records

Emails as public records Q: To what extent is email correspondence a public record? Is the correspondence between two School District Directors on a particular subject recoverable even when the equivalent conversation via telephone would not be? A: E-mails are “public records” as defined by the California Public Records Act. Government Code section 6252(e) defines “public records” as follows:”Public records” includes any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned,

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