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Major newspapers back CFAC/MAPlight lawsuit to expand public access to Legislative actions

The San Francisco Chronicle and Sacramento Bee have endorsed a lawsuit by the California First Amendment Coalition and to open the state Legislature’s entire database of bills, votes and amendments to public view. The state currently allows the public to see only one bill at a time — in a form that makes it difficult if not impossible to analyze the information with computer techniques. In a signed column on Dec. 7, Chronicle Editorial

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Newsgathering at CA polling places on election day

Every election day brings confusion about what reporters (and bloggers or other journalists) can and cannot do in the close proximity of polling places. Here’s are the provisions of California law governing newsgathering activities at polling places while the polls are open: 18541. (a) No person shall, with the intent of dissuading another person from voting, within 100 feet of a polling place, do any of the following: (1) Solicit a vote or speak to

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Call for Nominations: Farr, Beacon & "Darkness" awards

The California First Amendment Coalition and the California Society of Newspaper Editors are soliciting nominations for the 2008 Bill Farr Award for furthering the principles of free speech, free press and public access to government. In addition, CFAC is seeking nominations for its annual Beacon awards, presented to those who have fought to keep government open, and for its annual Darkness award to those who have resisted the public’s right to know. The Awards The

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CFAC Excutive Director Discusses China's Internet Censorship on Radio

CFAC’s Executive Director, Peter Scheer, discusses China’s internet censorship on KALW in a program produced by New American Media. Scheer also talks about CFAC’s petition to the US Trade Representative to bring a case against China to the WTO, alleging that China’s censorship is a violation of free trade. Hear the radio interview here.

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Responses to Peter Scheer's Commentary on Vallejo's Bankruptcy

In response to Peter’s recent commentary on Vallejo’s Bankruptcy. For most cities staff compensation is the city’s biggest expenditure. There should be more room for citizen oversight and input. One of the most important aspects in need of close scrutiny are a city’s revenue projections. I would guess when Vallejo negotiated and approved staff compensation packages their revenue projections showed they could afford it. Most likely, the public that went along with the raises thought

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