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First Amendment Coalition joins forces to write stiffer rule for access to court records

The First Amendment Coalition along with the California Newspaper Publishers Association and Californians Aware have submitted written comments on a draft of a Rule of Court to grant the public access to administrative court records. -DB CNPA Legislative Bulletin September 16, 2009 CNPA, the First Amendment Coalition and Californians Aware all lodged informal written comments last week on an initial draft of a Rule of Court that would give the public a right of access

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Obit: Dick Fogel, Bay City News Service founder, and long-time FAC supporter, at 86.

Richard Henry Fogel, co-founder of Bay City News Service, died last Wednesday at 86. Fogel was among the founders of FAC in 1988. Ever a free speech advocate, he was a recipient of the James Madison Freedom of Information Career Achievement Award, among others. By Wayne Futak Bay City News 09/10/2009 —- Richard Henry Fogel, co-founder of San Francisco’s Bay City News Service, died Wednesday in Thousand Oaks. He was 86. An advocate on issues

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Texas open meeting law supported by FAC amicus stands

The Texas Open Meetings Act supported by an FAC amicus brief withstood a constitutional challenge by former city council members who asserted the law violated their rights to exchange e-mail messages discussing city business in secret. September 10, 2009 After four years of litigation, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Dallas (5th Cir.) today  dismissed Rangra vs. Brown as moot. Although both Alpine, Texas, councilors’ terms had ended, Avinash Rangra remained an active plaintiff in

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Governor signs FAC-sponsored access bill

With encouragement from the California First Amendment Coalition, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed SB 786 that limits the ability of state and local governmental agencies to win fee awards from citizens bringing lawsuits under the state’s open government laws -DB Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law SB 768 on August 6 a measure vital to maintaining the ability of citizens to seek redress of open government violations by local and state agencies. The law provides that

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FAC files amicus in US Sup Ct free speech / campaign contributions case

The First Amendment Coalition has filed an amicus brief in Citizens United v. FEC, the US Supreme Court case involving First Amendment challenges to federal campaign finance laws regulating corporate political speech during elections. The Court held this case over for re-argument in September and invited briefing on broader issues than the case originally had been thought to present—including whether to overturn several leading Supreme Court precedents in the campaign finance-freedom of speech area. Our

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