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FAC Joins Amicus on Hassell v. Bird

FAC Joins Brief Urging California Supreme Court to Hold That Internet Content Providers Have a Right Under the First Amendment to Defend Speech on Their Websites

FAC recently joined an amicus brief urging the California Supreme Court to overrule a lower court’s conclusion that Yelp could be required to remove content from its website — even though Yelp never had notice and an opportunity to challenge such an order. The ruling contradicts fundamental First Amendment principles, including the notion that publishers […]

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FAC Supports CA AB 1479

California Assembly Bill 1479 Would Add Much-Needed Teeth to Disclosure Requirements Under the California Public Records Act

One of the most frequent complaints FAC hears from people seeking records under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) is that government agencies simply ignore the law’s requirement that the government respond to a request within a certain time frame.  One reason government agencies do this is that there is very little cost to doing […]

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Help FAC reach the Logan Foundation $110K Match!

FAC receives $100K Matching Grant from Jonathan Logan Family Foundation

The Jonathan Logan Family Foundation has committed a $100,000 matching grant to launch FAC’s 2017 annual fundraising campaign and to inspire more supporters to join our cause. Because the Logan grant is a matching grant, FAC faces a real challenge — we need to raise an additional $100,000 to earn the match. So, we’re turning […]

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700 x 282 Fake News

RSVP today for FAC & KPCC’s Forum: Fake News and the First Amendment: How to tell fact from fiction

Join FAC’ s Executive Director David Snyder and KPCC – Southern California Public Radio host Alex Cohen for a discussion of the potential impacts of fake news on the First Amendment–How can individuals and news organizations stop the spread of misinformation? And what tools are being developed to help people identify fake news for themselves?–with […]

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California Supreme Court: Public Officials Cannot Conceal Emails From Public By Sending From Personal Email Accounts

The California Supreme Court ruled on March 2 that emails sent from the personal email accounts of government officials are subject to the California Public Records Act — a significant ruling with a far-reaching, positive impact on the public’s right to know. The unanimous ruling shuts off the government’s ability to conceal information from the […]

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Federal Judge Prevents Enforcement of California’s “IMDb Law” on First Amendment Grounds

A federal judge on February 22 issued a preliminary injunction preventing enforcement of a California law that sought to prohibit the publication of the ages of actors, producers and others on the popular internet movie database, IMDb. FAC joined several other free-speech advocacy groups in filing a “friend of the court” brief last month opposing […]

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Peter Scheer, Executive Director, First Amendment Coalition

Former FAC Executive Director Peter Scheer Awarded Society of Professional Journalists Career Achievement Prize

Former First Amendment Coalition executive director Peter Scheer has been named the 2017 recipient of the Northern California Society of Professional Journalists’ career achievement award–a signal honor marking his advocacy, over many years, for free speech, a free press and the public’s right to know. Scheer, 65, will accept the Norwin S. Yoffie Award for […]

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Unprecedented number of Trump administration leaks brings benefits and poses hazards

While trashing conventions at record-setting pace, the Trump administration has also set a new record for leaks. The leaks include transcripts of phone calls between Trump and Mexican and Australian leaders, drafts of executive orders, and details of the stage-managing of the Supreme Court nomination. Some see the leaks as whistleblowing, the exposure of initiatives […]

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David Synder on Press Play

“Hate Speech” and the First Amendment – David Snyder interviewed on KCRW’s Press Play

On February 1, the University of California, Berkeley, shut down a speech by the divisive right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos after chaos erupted on the school’s campus.  FAC Executive Director David Snyder discussed the First Amendment implications of the incident with host Madeleine Brand on the public-affairs program “Press Play,” KCRW radio in Los Angeles.

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FAC Litigation Report: update on select current cases

FAC has been hard at work in state and federal court, fighting to keep government transparent and our elected leaders accountable.  Here are brief summaries of some recent developments in select FAC cases: Drone Memo Case: FAC in the Ninth Circuit  FAC lawyers were in court again last month in a lawsuit that helped bring […]

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