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Appeals court rules that police officers’ complaints not protected speech

In a split decision, a federal appeals court ruled that officers’ complaints about a superior’s conduct were not a public concern and therefore not protected speech. The dissenting judge said the officers had a right to voice their complaints since they addressed the performance, functioning and mismanagement of a public agency. -DB Metropolitan News-Enterprise July 14, 2009 By Kenneth Ofgang Complaints by police officers about their supervisors’ conduct are not protected by the First Amendment, the

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Judge rules sexual harassment policy violates free speech rights

A federal judge ruled that a Los Angeles City College student could express his views opposing gay marriage and proceed with his suit against the the college for financial damages and a ban on a sexual harassment code. -DB Los Angeles Times July 15, 2009 By Gale Holland Saying it violates students’ free speech rights, a federal judge has barred the Los Angeles Community College District from enforcing a sexual harassment policy that bans “offensive” remarks

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