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A&A: My Request to Video a CA Parole Hearing Was Denied. What Are My rights?

Q:  I’m a TV news writer/producer seeking to cover with a small TV camera a parole hearing. I made a written request for video access and never got a response. Yesterday I called the Dept. of Corrections press office, and was told that request was turned down — but without a reason or any indication the request was seriously considered. Since cameras are routinely admitted to trials in California, I am hoping there might be

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A&A: University Facebook Group Admin Threatened with Defamation Lawsuit

Q: I am the admin and creator of a Facebook group. Recently I was threatened to be named in a defamation suit for the posts of a member. We are a public group that posts news and opinions on our University, teams, team play, team coaching. We allow posts by members who voice approval or disapproval about the team, the coaches, administration, or the university. We are a sounding board for positive and negative talk.

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A&A: What Are the Brown Act Rules on a Postponing Public Meeting?

Q: Can the chairperson postpone a planning commission meeting with due cause?  Or can postponement only happen with a vote at the meeting by a quorum? A: The procedure for postponing a regularly scheduled meeting, such as a planning commission meeting, is not addressed in the Brown Act, which is California’s open meeting law. The Brown Act was designed to ensure that “meetings” of “legislative bodies” are open and accessible to member of the public,

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A&A: My Councilmember Has Blocked Me from Posting on Her Official Page

Q: My local council member was involved in a recall against her for beating up her lover and campaign manager, both married, while intoxicated on the side of the highway. I was very active in the recall of this women and she recently started censoring her critics on social media, she actually has me blocked from commenting on her official Facebook page . Do I have some sort of case or is there anywhere I

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A&A: Obtaining HHS/Child Protective Services Records Via CPRA

Q: Recently I had an erroneous claim filed against me through child protective services alleging child neglect. This was quickly marked as ‘unfounded’ and closed.  However, the agency will not give me access to either the initial report filed or the filing party’s name. The only information they are giving me access to is to request a summary of my meeting with the case worker and an overview of the case. I feel that as an

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