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A&A: School District Is Citing Student Privacy As Reason for Denying CPRA Request

Q: I am seeking records from a local school district that is, I believe, withholding public information by inaccurately citing student privacy. I am looking for advice. A: If the records you seek pertain to a specific student, the school district may claim the records are exempt, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), […]

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A&A: Brown Act Compliance for Faculty Members Digitally Attending Academic Senate Meetings

Q: Our Community College covers a broad service area—including seveal communities and military posts. We post agendas in all locations (locked, glass front display cases) where the agenda can be access at all times, 72 hours or more in advance. We use roll call to identify all attendees, and roll call to identify all votes, though […]

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A&A: Are a Public Agency’s Private Sector Contrators’ Emails Subject to the Public Records Act?

Q:  Are emails conducting public business done by private contractors for a public agency subject to the Public Records Act? The contractors are hired to do various element of Bond Program Management and act in a function that is very much like or identical to in house staff. A: Under the Public Records Act (“PRA”), public […]

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A&A: CA Police Deny CPRA Request on Six-Month Old Case

Q: Made Request for records under 6257(f) as the “authorized representative”of a victim and police are claiming disclosure would “endanger successful completion” of six-month-old investigation. No objection re standing or anything else just the investigation exemption. They refuse to articulate how disclosure would endanger. Can’t find any case law on this exemption. A: Unfortunately, law enforcement would likely be […]

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