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A&A: Does the CPRA cover CA Energy Commission applicants?

Q: Tricky CPRA question regarding photos taken during a study undertaken by an an applicant for a California Energy Commission license. The company submitted a report, but CEC staff had many questions, and wanted photos, notes, data from the study, and to speak with the biologist who conducted it; staff requested a subpoena for the data and to have him appear at a workshop. The biologist appeared at the workshop and the applicant submitted the

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A&A: The CPRA and privately owned utilities companies

Q: Does the CA Public Records Act apply to a public, stockholder-owned company regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission? A: Whether or not records retained by the water company are covered by the Public Records Act depends on whether the company fits within the Act’s definition of “state or local agency.” A “state agency” is defined as “every state office, officer, department, division, bureau, board, and commission or other state body or agency, except

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