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A&A: Does Brown Act Allow Adding Agenda Items Less Than 72-Hours Before A Meeting?

Q: A California City Council originally released an agenda for its regular meeting without a closed session. Each agenda usually has a closed session heading listed at the end of the meeting — but the council doesn’t meet in closed session; it’s like a placeholder. On its action calendar, the council was scheduled to discuss and appoint a new interim city attorney. Three hours before the 7 p.m. meeting, the city clerk sent out an

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A&A: How Do I Address Agency’s Failure to Honor Brown Act Meeting Notification Deadlines?

Q: The airport commission in our municipality has only given 25 hours notice of the time and location change for their next meeting. This commission is notorious for posting meeting agendas at the last minute and scheduling meetings that are not convenient for residents to attend. Is the airport commission in violation of the Brown Act since they provided only 25-hour notice to change meeting location and time? A: In general, California’s open meeting law, known

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A&A: Public Official Event Attendance and Public Notice

Public Official Event Attendance and Public Notice Q: A City Councilman and City Clerk addressed the local Merchants Association without any public notice and with an “agenda” not made public and that other members of the City Council were not made aware of.  The “agenda” presented was to suggest to the Merchants Association that a redistricting of the business district to allow for retail only. No service industries such as Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgage

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