Washington Post Editorial: Musk reconfiguring of Twitter may do great damage

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post, November 28, 2022, argues that Elon Musk’s management of Twitter has undermined free expression. They say his layoffs have meant Twitter can no longer eliminate influence posts, as in Chinese Communist loading pornography onto Twitter to hide news of protests against Covid restrictions. And inconsistent enforcement “will make Twitter’s decision-making more arbitrary and, therefore, less conducive to free expression.”

CIA analyst Bob Baer fears that now that Musk has decimated staff that rooted out fake accounts, actors like Russia will use Twitter to advance their national interests. “The Russians are waiting for something like this,” said Baer. “They need a propaganda campaign against the United States and against our support for Ukraine, and they’re gonna be all over Twitter – I guarantee this – supporting the far right, plans, demands to stop arming Ukraine. You just wait.” (Fox News, November 26, 2022, by Gabriel Hays)

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