Journalist sues Sausalito over incident at homeless camp

Journalist Jeremy Portje sued the city of Sausalito and its police department after he was injured videotaping police interaction with the homeless. Portje said the police gave no warnings or asked him to move back. (ABC30, February 22, 2022, by Liz Kreutz)

The Marin County Attorney investigated the incident and declined to prosecute Portje after the police said he swung a camera in an officer’s face, giving him a black eye and a small cut. The DA said, “While we take all allegations of assault on a police officer seriously, in this case a team of veteran prosecutors who reviewed the case found that the evidence did not show beyond a reasonable doubt that Portje intended to injure the officer.” (The San Jose Mercury News, December 29, 2022, by Giuseppe Ricapito)

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