Times asks judge to protect right to cover Veritas

The New York Times is seeking to prevent prior restraint of its reporting on Project Veritas while the project is suing the Times for defamation. (U.S. News & World Report, November 22, 2021, by Helen Coster of Reuters)

Project Veritas has been the subject of an FBI investigation as agents seized phones and other tech devices from people connected to the project. The FBI is probing the theft of a diary that belonged to President Joe Biden’s daughter. The project said the raids were a violation of protections provided to journalists. (The Associated Press, November 19, 2021, by Larry Neumeister)

Journalists are divided on the constitutionality of the raids on the Project Veritas. The organization was established to uncover bias, hypocrisy and illegal activity by progressives often using undercover stings to accomplish its goals. Many journalists say the project is ideologically focused and unbound by journalistic ethics. Others including the ACLU and RCFP see the searches and seizures as a violation of the First Amendment. (The Conversation, November 22, 2021, by Jane E. Kirtley)