Defamation cases pose challenge for press

The Guardian’s chief lawyer says that the rich don’t like exposure in the press and spend lavishly on lawyers who often lie and wage dirty fights. It behooves reporters to work with legal counsel to insure that each story is accurate. (The Guardian, October 11, 2021, by Gill Phillips)

The technology surveillance company Shotspotter is suing Vice for $300 million for a series of articles critical of the company’s practices and effectiveness. The articles claimed the company mostly installs audio sensors in predominant-white neighbors. ShotSpotter says Vice kept to itself about the company’s Black CEO and its record in saving the lives of Black gunshot victims and of exonerating Black men of crimes they did not commit. Vice’s stories draw from court documents and the testimony of public defenders and experts. (Daily Beast, October 12, 2021, by Lauchlan Cartwright and Maxwell Tani)

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