International alliance: News outlets to shed light on private spy business

Seventeen news outlets from around the world are investigating private spying technology used on journalists, activists, politicians and CEOs. Called Pegasus, the spyware is widely used on reporters. (CNN Business, July 19, 2021, by Brian Stelter)

Some are urging governments to curb the excesses of private spying made possible with the purchase of spyware that can invade smart phones. The Pegasus spyware is the product of the NSO Group based in Israel. It is confirmed that Pegasus was used against murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. (Time, July 19, by Billy Perrigo)

While the NSO Group said Pegasus is only used by reliable governments to fight criminals and terrorists, the investigation revealed that the cell phone numbers of over 180 journalists were on the list related to Pegasus. Included was number of a Mexican reporter, Cecilio Peneda Birto, murdered at a car wash. (The Guardian, July 18, 2021, by Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Paul Lewis, David Pegg, Sam Cutler, Nina Lakhani and Michael Safi)

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