Op-Ed: Passing SB 16 Will Bring Transparency to Police Misconduct

FAC Executive Director David Snyder wrote an op-ed published May 27 in the Mercury News calling for passage of California Senate Bill 16, which would expand the types of police misconduct records that would be subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. The bill, authored by state Sen. Nancy Skinner, builds on a measure FAC strongly supported in 2018, “The Right to Know Act,” or SB 14, a landmark law that improved public access to records related to serious use-of-force and certain categories of misconduct. Since then, FAC has fought in court to enforce the the law and has published educational materials and convened public forums to raise awareness about the importance of police transparency. The new op-ed explains why another law change is needed to further prevent efforts to shield serious misconduct from being subject to public scrutiny. FAC is part of a coalition with the California News Publishers Association, California Black Media, Ethnic Media Services and the California Broadcasters Association supporting SB 16 in the Legislature. You can our joint letter in support here.

Read the op-ed in the Mercury News.