House Republican shed free speech mantle in Cheney ouster

Amanda Marcotte in Salon, May 11, 2021, writes that the Republicans accuse the Democrats of “cancel culture” to shield their own extremist views and otherwise claim they are the victims of censorship when Democrats mock them. In the meantime they criticize athletes for kneeling in protest of racism during the national anthem. Now they censor anyone refusing to say Donald Trump lost the last election, pointedly Rep. LIz Cheney of Wyoming, whom they removed from her leadership position.

mIn the Senate, several Republicans senators expressed their discomfort with the House Republican’s purge of Cheney. Senate Minority Whip John Thune of South Dakota said after the ouster, “I hope that Republicans will continue to be the party that values free speech and doesn’t give in to group think.” (The Hill, May 13, 2021, by Alexander Bolton)

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