White House virus practices endanger reporters

With Covid-19 endangering President Donald Trump and his inner circle, an angry White House press corp is asking pointed questions about the lack of quarantining and the needless risks they’re facing. Reporters are often blindsided with events they were not told were inside or events that were supposed to be small but turned out to involve over a thousand participants, few of whom wore masks. (Vanity Fair, October 5, 2020, by Joe Pompeo)

Several White House reporters have now tested positive and critics are slamming White House officials for coming in contact with reporters while knowingly carrying the virus and failing to quarantine. (Axios, October 6, 2020, by Sara Fischer)

White House reporters have long objected to the Trump administration’s disregard for safe practices, and many now are avoiding the White House unless it’s absolutely essential to go there. (CNN, October 6, 2020, by Oliver Darcy)

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