Lack of transparency cripples accountability in health crisis

With no permanent inspector general for Health and Human Services, oversight falters for the Trump administration’s performance regarding the coronavirus pandemic. While watchdog groups say the acting inspector general Christi Grimm is doing her best, she doesn’t have the independence to resist pressure from the administration. In this vacuum, it may be left to whistleblowers to step up with critical information.(Government Executive, March 20, 2020, by Courtney Buble)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and 100 other groups addressed a letter to government branches and agencies to comply with open meeting and public records laws. It is dismaying to see the Trump administration classifying public health discussions and decisions. The letter reads, “At all times, but most especially during times of national crisis, trust and credibility are the government’s most precious assets. As people are asked to make increasing sacrifices in their daily lives for the greater good of public health, the legitimacy of government decision-making requires a renewed commitment to transparency.” (EFF, March 20, 2020, by Jason Kelley)

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