Whistleblower rights strengthened in California

The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that California whistleblowers can sue their state or local government employer if they suffer retaliation. The case involved Eric Bahra, a San Bernardino County man assigned to investigate alleged child abuse in a foster home. His report confirmed the abuse and revealed the county failed to correct problems with a database that tracked abuse. His employers examined his files after he submitted his report and, claimed Bahra, fired him for union activities. (San Francisco Chronicle, December 31, 2020, by Bob Egelko)

The county wanted to limit Bahra to an administrative law hearing, but he thought he was entitled to pursue the matter in federal court given the substantive civil rights and free speech issues. (Bloomberg Law, December 30, 201, by Patrick Dorrian)

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  • Eric Botha should be given a metal. How many kids would have died if he did not find out the glitch and complete breakdown in the system.Then San Bernardino tried to blame it on him. Those people have no conscience at all. They should all be fired.

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