New study shows public uneasy getting news from social media

Viewers of news on social media think that the internet companies have too much control over the news people see and are concerned about fake and one-sided news. according to a new study by the Pew Research center. The problem could be that the social media sites gear the news to the interests of the viewers rather than emphasizing accuracy. (Courthouse News Service, October 2, 2019, by Emilee Larkin)

More Americans than ever look to the social media for news but in doing so are skeptical about what they’re getting. Fifty-five percent of U.S. adults think that social media’s role in delivering the news results in a “worse mix of news.” Twenty-eight percent say they make no difference and only 15 percent say their efforts result in a “better mix of the news.” (Pew Research Center, October 2, 2019, by Elisa Shearer and Elizabeth Grieco)

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