Conservatives muscle up to fight social media companies on access

In response to what they claim is the social media company’s censorship of conservative voices, conservatives are forming the Free Speech Alliance to protect conservatives’ online free speech rights. The alliance concentrates their efforts on four issues, ensuring transparency, establishing clarity for “hate speech,” providing equal access for conservatives, and enforcing the First Amendment. (Media Research Center, September 30, 2019, by Allen B. West)

Over 60 conservative organizations have joined the Free Speech Alliance. Media Research Center President Brent Bozell says that it is critical that all Americans unite to protect free speech against the power of Facebook, Twitter and Google/Youtube to control information. “It is immensely important,” says Bozell, “that these platforms remain neutral. How can any movement or ideology survive when the means to share its ideas is stripped away?” (CNSNews, September 30, 2019, by Craig Bannister)

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