NRA sues San Francisco over ‘domestic terorism’ label

The National Rifle Association filed a federal lawsuit against the San Francisco Board of supervisors charging that its resolution declaring the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization” breached the First Amendment. The NRA claimed the resolution created a blacklist that constituted viewpoint discrimination. The NRA lawyer said “…the government cannot apply its powers in a targeted, adverse manner against those with whom it disagrees — and the government certainly cannot do so in order to stifle or punish disfavored speech.” (San Francisco Chronicle, September 9, 2019, by Bob Egelko)

The city threatened to stop doing business with contractors with ties to the NRA, in effect, critics said, stifling the free speech rights of NRA supporters. A supervisor said the resolution was nonbinding, but the NRA considers it a threat that chilled speech. (Reason, September 10, 2019, by Jacob Sullum)

For other FAC coverage on the issue, click here and here.

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