Court rules no free speech violation in florist anti-gay discrimination case

The Washington state Supreme Court ruled that under state anti-discrimination law florists must provide flower arranging services for same-sex weddings concluding that  flower arranging was not expressive enough to qualify for First Amendment protection. Last year the Supreme Court sent the case back to Washington for review in light of their Masterpiece Cakeshop decision that supported the need to fight LGBTQ discrimination in businesses open to the public but allowed a bakery to refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. (Reason, June 6, 2019, by Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy)

The unanimous Washington state decision found no animosity toward the florist’s religious beliefs in the state courts’ judicial decisions. The case is expected to return to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Constitutional Law Prof Blog, June 7, 2019, by Ruthann Robson)

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