San Francisco police berated for raid on free lance reporter

San Francisco police raided a reporter’s home in search of the source of a leaked police report with details on the death of Public Defender Jeff Adachi. The police said they had obtained search warrants for the raid, but FAC’s David Snyder said the warrants were illegal in violating California’s shield law.  (San Jose Mercury News, May 13. 2019, by Erin Baldassari and Nico Savidge)

The freelance journalist, Bryan Carmody, said the police handcuffed him for several hours and confiscated his notebooks, cellphone, computer, hard drives and cameras. Carmody said he would not reveal his source for the police report. (Courthouse News Service, May 12, 2019, by The Associated Press)

The judges who issued the warrants knew the target was a journalist but did not explain their reasons for allowing the search in clear violation of the shield law. (San Francisco Examiner, May 13, 2019, by Michael Barba)

In the San Francisco Chronicle, May 13, 2019, the Chronicle Editorial Board reported that the police did not consult the district attorney in asking for the search warrants. The board excoriated the police and their tactics that “put President Trump’s anti-press ‘enemy of the people’ rhetoric into action right here in the putative headquarters of the resistance. Police should return the freelancer’s property and seek it in court if they believe they have a legitimate case.”

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