Government agencies need more resources to deal with FOIA requests

A recent study showed that government workers charged with processing Freedom of Information Act requests are inundated by the numbers of requests. The study in the American Review of Public Administration analyzed data from 102 agencies from 2008 and 2016. ICE reported that each analyst dealt with 35 to 50 FOIA requests a week. The Office Of Government Information Services has asked Congress to allocate sufficient funds to meet federal obligations for transparency. Six agencies accounted for the majority of requests, Department of Homeland Security, the Justice and Defense Departments, Health and Human Services, the Department of Veteran Affairs and Social Security. (Federal News Network, March 20, 2019, by Jory Heckman)

Last year the Labor Department filed a status report to a federal court citing the mountain of information requests it was dealing with in explaining why it was late in providing information to a transparency group. (Bloomberg Law, May 10, 2018, by Carmen Castro-Pagan)

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