Fox News becomes White House propaganda arm

Evidence mounts that Fox News has shifted from conservative advocacy to assuming a role as front line defender of the Trump administration, in effect, becoming state TV. Fox News host Sean Hannity mingles with little restraint with administration officials at news sites and has had seven exclusive on-air interviews with Trump. Fox News has been granted 44 interviews overall. They have shut out employees and guest commentators including conservatives who were critical of Trump. Fox News hosts have been priming listeners to stiffen their loyalty to Trump in anticipation of  a Mueller report with damaging conclusions about the President’s conduct. With Fox News support, Trump might survive the report. (The New Yorker, March 11, 2019, by Jane Mayer)

Shortly after the Jane Mayer report hit the web, Trump unleashed tweet attacks on the press and congressional Democrats quoting his pals at Fox. The tweets provided evidence supporting Mayer’s contention that Fox is not only a Trump mouthpiece but plays a central role as a presidential adviser. (The Washington Post, March 5, 2019, by Kyle Swenson)

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