Federal appeals court to decide on unsealing court documents in sex trafficker case

The Second District U.S. Court of Appeals will decide whether to unseal court documents from a Florida case involving a convicted sex offender now under investigation by the Department of Justice. The convict, wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, was granted a plea deal that gave him a unusually light sentence given the severity of the offenses. (The Epoch Times, March 4, 2019, by William Patrick)

A lawyer for Alan Dershowitz who had represented Epstein in the case asked the appeals court to close the courtroom doors to the media and public. Dershowitz claims his arguments for his client could contain sensitive information now under seal. One of the victims of engaging in sex said Epstein directed her to have sex with Dershowitz which Dershowitz denies. (Miami Herald, March 1, 2019, by Julie K. Brown)

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