Army backs off mind-boggling fee to see report about environmental poison

The U.S. Army intended to charge an the Environmental Working Group (EWG) nearly  $300,000 to see results of water tests for a contaminant at military installations. A dangerous chemical in firefighting foam was thought to be present in 401 sites, and 24 military drinking water systems around the world tallied unsafe levels of the chemical called perfluoroalkl or PFAS linked to cancer and other health problems. (U.S.News & World Report, March 20, 2019, by Ellen Knickmeyer of The Associated Press)

Under pressure from Congress, the Army announced they will waive the fee. Before this instance, the army had routinely provided the information to the media and nonprofits without charge. The Defense Department has been asking the Trump administration to water down cleanup standards for PFAS chemicals. (Environmental Working Group, March 25, 2019, press release)

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