Prominent conservative journalists to start ‘Trump-skeptical’ news site

Steve Hayes former of The Weekly Standard and the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg are seeking investors for a new conservative news enterprise that will rely on reporter content and  be “Trump-skeptical.” The two are banking on the belief that there is a thirst for news free of “partisan boosterism” combined with “provocative commentary and analysis.” (Yahoo!, February 28, 2019, by Sean Burch of The Wrap)

This new foray follows on the startup, the Bulwark, a new website begun by Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol and allies. The Bulwark leadership announced a campaign specially aimed at President Donald Trump and his brand of conservatism. The goal, they said,  is “to push back against the moral and intellectual corruption that now poses an existential threat to conservatism as a viable political force.” (Vox, January 19, 2019, by6 Sean Illing)

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