UC Berkeley settles with conservatives in lawsuit over campus speakers

UC Berkeley settled a lawsuit with conservatives over the cancellation of a speech by Ann Coulter in April of 2017, in the process making changes to their events policy and paying conservative youth groups $70,000. Conservatives said the settlement was a blow against viewpoint discrimination. The university said the settlement left their policies substantially intact. In April a district federal judge had ruled that UC had not engaged in viewpoint discrimination except in the instance of one line that allowed stricter rules be imposed on events of more complexity, namely, “major events.” (Courthouse News Service, December 3, 2018, by Nicholas Iovino)

The settlement defined major events as organized events of more than 300 people that causes substantial security concerns, involves the serving of alcohol or interferes with other campus events or procedures. The university also revised its security fee schedule. One of the parties in the lawsuit, the Young America’s Foundation, hailed the settlement as providing “transparency and accountability to a “notoriously murky” policy. (The Daily Californian, December 4, 2018, by Sophia Brown-Deidenreich)

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