Federal judge gives conservative group victory in Clinton e-mail search

A federal district judge lambasted the Obama State and Justice Departments for blocking access to documents on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail practices. The judge ordered the Trump State and Justice Departments to meet with the conservative Judicial Watch to plan a discovery into whether Clinton used private e-mails to thwart transparency and whether the government has been responsible in its earlier attempts to settle the issue given their knowledge of the inadequacy of the initial search for documents. (Politico, December 6, 2018, by Josh Gerstein)

Judge Royce Lamberth called Clinton’s use of private e-mails “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.” He continued, “At best, State’s efforts to pass off its deficient search as legally adequate during settlement negotiations was negligence born out of incompetence.” (The Hill, December 7, 2018, by John Bowden)


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